This album took a bit longer to come to fruition than most. By about 35 years. Most of the songs were written in the 80s, when I was filled with angst and fear and hope and everything else that a young man feels. Some of it didn’t translate well to the present for obvious reasons, but I was shocked at how most of them remained pretty congruous to my life now. Maybe with a little less angst and a little more hope.

Three decades leave a lot of gratitude. Firstly, my own fam – Sharon, Carey, and Sophie – who listened patiently over the past year as we worked through these tunes. As with all things in my life, none of it would be doable without them. My extended theatre/music family – Paul, Peggy, Mike, Heather, Debbie, Mel, Lisa, Jay, Sue, Rhonda, Paul, Gord, Linc, Tom and Lisa – not sure you’ll ever understand how much your love, inspiration and support were integral to this.

My loving sibs Nicole, Jared, and Carey – our spirits are bound together forever.

In 1987 I told my Dad that my life’s goal was to make meaningful music, and though he passed before he got a chance to hear any of this, his presence was in whatever room we were playing. I miss his validation for sure, but I know he would have loved it.

This album is dedicated to my Mom, who despite how hard I tried to break her, never once gave up on me. More than anyone, this is for you.

All songs written by Shael Risman except:
— THUNDER ROAD – Bruce Springsteen

All Songs © 1988 – 2023 Naughty Pine Creative except:
— THUNDER ROAD © 1975 Laurel Canyon Music Ltd.
— SUMMER, HIGHLAND FALLS © 1976 Home Grown Music Inc.

• Produced by Mark Alexander
• Recorded between June 2022 and April 2023 at 905 Music, Toronto Ontario Canada
• All arrangements by Mark Alexander with Shael Risman

• Album Art by Ava Hardy @ajhardyart