As a child of the cassette age (read: old as shit), I grew up obsessed with making the perfect mixtapes. Standing by my parent’s stereo with a pile of vinyl for hours and hours creating 90 minutes of bliss. Artist, genre, theme or mood-specific – whatever. I had to buy an additional tape deck because I was constantly being asked to copy them. The quality degraded with each copy but that was the way it was then.

Thankfully, Spotify has made it easy to share without quality compromise, so I’ve spent the past few years recreating some of the past MixTapes that made me so happy. Feel free to play and follow – and let me know if there is something specific you want to hear. We’re creating new ones all the time 😊



Well rounded Canadiana for your listening pleasure – nice, polite, accommodating and non-offensive just like us!


Music is my go-to for expressing how I feel, which is probably I take refuge in creating a playlist when I am in the midst of dealing with something. Good or bad, happy or sad, you know how it goes 🙂


There is nothing objective about music, and when you are developing a MixTape by artists it’s nothing different. You try to create something that really summarizes their ouvre, but ultimately it turns out to be a list of songs you like best. I created these with the singular mission of turning the unfamiliar into the familiar, so if you’ve never really listened to some of these artists its a good place to start.


Some of the best and most easily assembled MixTapes are the ones with a common theme. Indeed, my most played ones are built around musical decades. Personally, the cottage mixes are the one’s I love the most.