“Another one about expectations. “Everyone says that I need a purpose, but nobody knows what I need one for” seemed like the picture of hypocrisy to me. As I grew older, I came to realize that purpose isn’t a burden, it’s a destination.”

I don’t wanna know ths time
Everything’s been coming down
Got to find the perfect partner
Got to fit the perfect crown

Capable but not so willing
Elegant but not so bright
Seems that there’s a pattern somewhere
Hope that I can do this right

Somebody said that I need a purpose
Does anybody really need much more
Everybody knows that I need a purpose
But nobody knows what I need one for

Television situation
Never seems to tell it straight
Indecision rules the airwaves
Airwaves seem to rule my fate

Anyone can see right through me
If anybody really tries
Just about the only man who
Went to hell before he died


I don’t care who doesn’t like me
Enemies don’t get too far
Just because I may look wounded
Doesn’t mean I have a scar

Not about to change my feelings
That’ll never do the trick
Those who try to make things better
Only gonna make me sick


© 1987 Shael Risman