“One of the only songs I ever wrote that really didn’t have any meaning behind it. I woke at about 3AM one morning with this riff pounding in my head. I squeezed as many words into it as I could and it eventually became a live staple. Never mind that as the years have gone on, I usually run out of breath before the second chorus lol.”

Holding me hard within your vice grip
I can feel the blood rushing to my eyes
Can’t you see that I’m the unwilling victim of the element of surprise?

I struggle and I scream and I fight you
It’s senseless but it’s the only chance for me
I’m chained to your sickness like a mad dog and I’ve gotta get free

You made a mistake
You should have never tried to make me see things your way
‘Cuz you think you’re so sure
And you think you’re so pure
And you think you’re so good

Hot damn
I’m really a man
I should be able to break myself away from your clutch
Just rid you from my life
Chase you from my sight
Shake away your touch…

You never did believe the truth
You never did believe that I could treat you this way
But when you wake up and you’re flat on your back in pain
I think the evidence is clear

I never had to answer to you
Why is it always that you have to have the last word?
You played the same game by a different name and it’s you that’s gonna lose this time around


©1987 Shael Risman