I have never, not in nearly 50 years, been so genuinely appreciative and proud to be living in my country of diversity and inclusiveness. My gay friendly, socially conscious, universal medical care giving, beautiful country. Whatever faults we have, we still are these things. All these things. We are exactly the same as we were yesterday. It’s just our neighbours that aren’t. And it’s very clear that this is what they want.canada-us-tax-services

I will need to keep this in mind constantly as I explain to my 15 year old daughter about the kind of man who America wants as their leader. About the level of misogyny that is obviously acceptable in the highest office of their country. And about the clear cut racism that is about to walk them back 75 years.

So I wake up, and go to work, and am pretty thankful this morning. And I love and respect my American friends as always – I just won’t shed a tear for you. This is what you wanted. But I sincerely hope that you don’t get what you deserve. That would be too horrific to watch.

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