“In the mid eighties my father’s business went into receivership, and he got together on a new venture with partners who, let’s just say never let him live it down. I saw his disappointment in himself and his longing for the break he felt he deserved. I wrote this song thinking about how life can be so unjust that sometimes it’s OK to look out for yourself so you can get your piece of the pie.”

White wash it all you want it’s a wicked, wicked world
Hide yourself in a corner just like L’il Jack Horner, your fate will still unfurl
It’s common to discover that you watch out for the others as you claw your way to the top
Situations are endless, though it may not leave you friendless it’s a long, long, lonely drop

They can’t call you selfish when you’re felling a little ripped off
After all it ain’t pleasant to be living like a peasant while your friends are so well off
You may be sharp as an eagle but that still don’t make it legal to cheat or kill or steal of even lie
But once in a while it still may bring on back a smile when you get your fair share of the pie

Bashing your head against a brick wall
Won’t get you the credit you deserve
But after the smoke begins to clear up
There is only one person that you really gotta serve

Success always comes with coattails that offer a free ride
You gotta be quick to beat and even lighter on your feet to maintain a false sense of pride
So when your morals start to loosen just tighten up that noose ‘n hope it doesn’t always have to be this way
‘Cuz experience wil show you that no one’s gotta know you to accept the role you play

You rant and you rave until you break down
And it just doesn’t seem like you’ll survive
But pulling the knife out of your own back
Is only gonna show the world that you’re still alive

©1987 Shael Risman